According to the order of the head of the state, were summarized the results of the work carried out by the interdepartmental working group headed by the commander of the National Guard, Major General R.Djuraev, in the Bukhara region.

In the building of the Bukhara regional government, Under the chairmanship of the the commander of the National Guard, Major General R.Djuraev and the governor of the region B.Zaripovs, a meeting was held with the participation of heads of the interdepartmental working group, Industry ministries and organizations, as well as local government bodies.

During the meeting, issues related to practice the real state of social infrastructure objects, the state of providing the population with gas and electricity, coal, drinking water, price stability in consumer markets, availability of food reserves and the creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurs, the practice of receiving citizens and solving their problems by sector leaders and community activists in the socio-economically difficult neighborhoods of the region were discussed after that A working group consisting of the head and responsible employees of the National Guard, the Ministry of internal affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the prosecutor general's office, the Department under him and the tax committee was formed and assignments were given for belonging.

The interdepartmental working group, in order to ensure the practical implementation of the approved plan and the tasks set, went out into the districts and began to study at the junction of the neighborhoods.

In particular, the commander of the National Guard, together with the responsible leaders within the Working Group, went out to the places and got acquainted with the work aimed at ensuring the employment of the population, especially women in the neighborhoods, the activities of the Monocenter, the opportunities created for entrepreneurs. Also studied were measures aimed at educating young people, educating them in the spirit of military patriotism, the performance of tasks set in programs for their sports activities, including the activities of sports clubs working in sports schools, educational institutions.

During the event, the leaders responsible for the identified shortcomings and their solution were given the necessary instructions and tasks.

The activities of the interdepartmental working group continue in Bukhara region

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