Throughout the Republic, continues “Youth Festival” under the slogan "new Uzbekistan is a country of youth!"

Within the framework of the Youth Month, various cultural and educational, entertainment events, sports competitions and meetings are planned to be held in the places.
The military-patriotic festival was attended by the governors of the region, the director and representatives of the Youth Affairs Agency of Uzbekistan and responsible leaders.
Talented people were given a kind of motivation with the necessary recommendations, which occupy an important place on the way to achieving their goals.
Also, as part of the event, marching marches along the street with military equipment were demonstrated by military personnel. Festival shukuhi did not exclude sports lovers either. Riding master classes, organized competitions in the sport of archery were of great interest to all ages, and active boys and girls tested their capabilities. The performances of military personnel with service dogs earned everyone recognition.
In the artistic part of the festival, the teams of the military orchestra, as well as famous artists, shared a festive mood with the participants with their songs that radiate love for the motherland.
One notable aspect of the festival was that the event, which brought everyone together, was not only offered to young people, schoolchildren, but also children from The Orphanage of kindness and family. The organization of such events provides a broad basis for further instilling patriotic feelings in the minds of young people, encouraging talented young people, identifying new talent, the main thing is the meaningful Organization of the free time of organized young people.
This festival, which pursues the noble goal of raising youth morale, continues in full swing throughout our country.

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