Andijan region

At the meeting of the video selector chaired by President, the working groups of military personnel and employees of the National Guard Office for the Andijan region, in connection with the implementation of the tasks of distributing warm clothes and food to single elderly people, low-income families with many children, and in the most difficult cases for accommodation them in places with conditions, together with aides to the mayor, youth leaders and women's activists receive information from the population.

Also, along with the study of appeals from families in need of social protection, single elderly people, low-income families with many children, food and coal products are delivered to them and practical assistance is provided to them on anomalous cold days. On January 17 of this year, a technical failure on electricity was detected in 1,754 apartments in Navruz MFY, located in the area of responsibility of the Department of the National Guard for Andijan region, and on the same day the problem was eliminated.

Fergana region

The Department of Fergana region is systematically organized by the responsible military personnel and employees of the department to receive notifications from the population by walking from home to home in places for heating apartments during anomalous cold times and providing practical assistance to citizens. In particular, on January 16 of this year, employees of the Security Service visited the apartments of citizens on the received appeals and studied the problems.

Also, the state of readiness for the winter season, the operation and adjustment of heating systems, the temperature of the rooms, the adequate heating of the room and the duration of heat preservation were studied.

In order to prevent the occurrence of difficulties due to the cooling of the air, the window frames were blocked and the necessary fuel was delivered.

Jizzakh region

Under the chairmanship of Deputy commander of the National Guard S.Mamayusupov, the activities of the headquarters established in the Department of internal affairs of the region which consisted of employees of organizations and departments responsible for the study and timely elimination of social problems of the population in the Jizzakh region, were studied and tasks were set.

Deputy Commander S. Mamayusupov and responsible Jizzakh region Sh. They conducted studies on the conditions created at the Medical Association of the Rashidov district, the state of the heating system, gas and electric energy supply, fire safety. Also on this day, a citizen living in Sharaf Rashidov District of Jizzakh Region staying in the special social list Q. Bekmurodov was handed over food and non-food products.

It was distributed 88 liquefied gas cylinders to citizens living in the mahalla Mingchinor, Pakhtakor district. In the areas of responsibility, in order to ensure the safety of citizens in the markets, avenues and parks, and to prevent the occurrence of accidents during their movement, the military personnel cleaned the footpaths and internal corridors of snow and sprinkled sand and salt mixtures.

Navoiy region

The National Guard Office for the Navoiy in cooperation with the district administration of the Nurota district Security Department delivered food products to more than 10 households who have lost their breadwinner and need social protection.

Bukhara region

By responsible employees of the National Guard Office for the Bukhara region and the district administration were informed about the state of families in need of Social Protection living in several neighborhoods of Jondor district citizens' meeting and distributed free of charge the food products necessary for daily needs at the expense of the "Saxovat va komak" fund.

Also, the activities of car fuel injection stations were studied, the main attention was paid to ensuring the availability of fuel, public order and the safety of citizens, artificial increase in arbitrary prices, preventing the origin of factors that cause discontent among citizens.

Today, in order to eliminate the shortcomings in the supply of electricity and gas in various regions caused by the inflow of anomalous cold throughout our country, working groups are created on the ground and measures are taken to create favorable conditions for the population.

Khorezm region

In particular, today, in cooperation with the National Guard Office for the Khorezm region, the Khonqa district administration, the Department of internal affairs and other responsible organizations, appeals received from the population were studied and coal and heating furnaces were delivered to them. Also, the problems of our citizens walking from house to house in the neighborhoods are studied and measures are taken to eliminate.

Republic of Karakalpakstan

In order safe withdrawal of citizens from the cold winter days, to make their stirrup close, military personnel and employees of the National Guard Office for the Republic of Karakalpakstan are transporting citizens to their addresses by service buses from the Nukus peasant bazaar parking lot.

Also, in order to make heat and safe conditions for the population, as well as to provide assistance to people in need of social protection, charity events are being organized on the ground. On January 18 of this year, employees of the improvement department, who are serving day and night in the city of Nukus to preserve the cleanliness of the city, were closely assisted and hot dishes were distributed to them for lunch.

Charity events like this continue in places.

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